Chayanne becomes chamberlain of a quinceañera that surprised in Mexico

Chayanne became a true Mexican by traveling on public transportation and singing hits by Vicente Fernández. This was his peculiar adventure in Mexico

Chayanne, who a few weeks ago celebrated his daughter Isadora Figueroa for graduating from the University, gave the impression that the party lives in him, because on his most recent trip to Mexico he took the opportunity to also celebrate a young fifteen-year-old who found himself in the capital of this country and even became a chamberlain of the young.

The Puerto Rican has an impeccable artistic career that has earned him a large number of fans around the world, it is even said that he is everyone’s father after a joke that exists among the singer’s fan moms, as they assure that he is the father of her children.

Thus, by becoming an international musical star, his return to the stage has been one of the most applauded events; It was in September 2022 when Chayanne returned to the ring with the song ‘Como tú y yo’.

And, as part of this return, he has also had some trips to America, which included Mexico, where he had a unique experience learning more about the culture of the Aztec land. Chayanne enjoyed this adventure thanks to the program ‘Pesero Show’, a new co-production of Amazon Music, Sony Music, ‘LOS40’ and ‘La KeBuena’.

However, while learning about some characteristic elements of Mexico from the hand of the host Pame Voguel, Chayanne got on a fishbowl, which is a famous public transport in CDMX, and got to know what the traditional dance halls are like, where he showed his best steps to the rhythm of ‘Torero’.

But that was not all, since the Puerto Rican singer also went to the Angel of Independence monument to surprise a quinceañera, since it is normally a point in CDMX where young women who are celebrating their 15th birthday are photographed.

And to his luck, Chayanne found a young girl who was dressed as a gala in her quinceañera dress, whom he surprised and invited her to celebrate this emotional event. According to the video, the young woman was posing before her photographer’s camera when she suddenly saw the singer arrive.

She walked towards him and they both hugged each other, but the surprise for her was so great that she cried with emotion, for her part, Chayanne gave her a bouquet of flowers. In that same interview, the musical star said that it was the first time he had come to this emblematic tourist site of CDMX, so that also made him happy.