Checo Pérez spoke about the day that Max Verstappen undressed after a race and caused laughter

The relationship between the two pilots of Red Bull Racing It doesn’t stop getting better, because on this occasion they highlighted the good atmosphere between the two by talking about a much more private moment they experienced after a race.

Czech Perez was in charge of revealing to the public a bit of the intimacy of Max Verstappen and cause laughter in the audience, because in a publicity event prior to the Australian Grand Prixthe Mexican took advantage of a moment of confidence to remind his Dutch teammate the day he lay naked on the ground after a race.

In the middle of an interview, when answering a question, the man from Guadalajara came forward and mentioned: “(…) You after the race, when you were naked on the ground”, so that later it was interrupted by the laughter of the public, the driver and the own Verstappenwho made a sign to keep quiet so as not to continue revealing more details.

Checo Pérez “embarrassed” Verstappen at an event by talking about his nude after a race (Photo: Twitter/@poetdamerons)

These statements were made prior to the Australian GP in Melbourne, during an event sponsored by Tag Heuerone of the main brands of the team, who brought together the two “bulls” to give their statements after a promising start for both, since everything seems to indicate that will compete again for the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

The naturalness with which the joke was given and how well it was taken by the world champion hinted that the relationship between the two is extraordinary, which is why the responses to the tweet that released the video were laughter and joy, as it was confirmed that Max and Sergio get along very well.

Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez have a very good relationship on and off the track (Photo: REUTERS/Loren Elliott)
Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez have a very good relationship on and off the track (Photo: REUTERS / Loren Elliott) (LOREN ELLIOTT /)

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