Checo Pérez’s harsh response to Pierre Gasly: ​​”At the end of the day the team has more information”

Checo Pérez’s response to Pierre Gasly: ​​”At the end of the day the team has more information” (Photo: REUTERS) (HANDOUT /)

The 2021 season of Formula 1 is a few days away from concluding and with it, the first experience of Sergio perez in a team candidate for the title since their arrival in the category. During this period, the Mexican had to go through a complicated adaptation period, which was used by other characters to claim their opportunity in Red bull racing.

One of the pilots who spoke the most about the performance of Czech it was Pierre Gasly, the 25-year-old Frenchman and one of the predecessors in the second seat of the Austrian team, who on multiple occasions hinted that he deserved a new opportunity aboard Red bull at the expense of Sergio perez.

His words echoed internationally and although the two did not have a bad relationship, the comparison between the two was always latent, so Sergio took advantage of an interview with French television to express his opinion about the pilot of AlphaTauri and the renovation that occurred with Red bull around mid year.

Pierre Gasly and Checo Pérez (Photo: Instagram / redbullracing / Reuters)
Pierre Gasly and Checo Pérez, two of the pilots that Red Bull has had as Max Verstappen’s teammates (Photo: Instagram / redbullracing / Reuters)

In the frame of the past Qatar Grand Prix, where Sergio started eleventh, while Gasly started second, the man from Guadalajara spoke with Canal + France, where he was questioned about Red Bull’s present and his fight for the title, but in particular about his controversial renewal with the team led by Christian horner.

“At the beginning of the season, your results were very erratic. Even Pierre Gasly was surprised when Red bull he preferred to renew your contract for 2022 ″, asked the interviewer, who received a calm response from the Mexican.

“Well, at the end of the day the team has a lot more information, you know? much more than the media and even many times more than the pilots “

Pierre Gasly spent half a season with Red Bull in 2019, until he was relegated by Alexander Albon (Photo: REUTERS / Francisco Guasco)
Pierre Gasly spent half a season with Red Bull in 2019, until he was relegated by Alexander Albon (Photo: REUTERS / Francisco Guasco) (FRANCISCO GUASCO /)

Later he delved into the moment he was notified of his good performance with the car, which is why it was renewed after having played just five races of the season.

“Just after a couple of races, I don’t know, like five races or something like that, the bosses came to talk to me and They said that they were very happy with me and that they wanted to continue”, Affirmed the 31-year-old pilot, who in that period had not yet reached the podium with Red bull.

Immediately afterwards he spoke specifically about the performance of Gasly this season, where he has reaped extraordinary results for AlphaTauri, well above what was achieved by Yuki tsunoda, and even surpassing Czech in a couple of races.

Sergio Pérez is fourth in the drivers' world championship, very close to Valtteri Bottas with two races remaining (Photo: REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)
Sergio Pérez is fourth in the drivers’ world championship, very close to Valtteri Bottas two races from the end (Photo: REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed) (HAMAD I MOHAMMED /)

“Obviously with Pierre (Gasly) I think he has been performing extremely well, at a very high level. One day he deserves another chance in a top team “

Since the departure of Pierre Gasly from Red bull racing In mid-2019, the Frenchman has garnered three podiums with the team team, including a victory in the Italian Grand Prix in 2020, when he returned to claim his place in a big team.

Secondly, Czech Pérez found solidity aboard the RB16B in the last third of the season, so he dispelled much of the doubts that revolved around his performance, one of the factors that he also spoke about during the interview.

“I would have liked to win more races, but I also think I came to Red Bull and had that adaptation process having a very competitive car. It took me a little longer than I would have liked“Declared the man from Guadalajara to the microphones of French television.


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