Chela Lora will never forgive Pablo Montero

The lawsuit between Paul Montero and Celia Lora it originated because he accused her of not washing the bathroom thoroughly. Both participated in the reality show ‘The house of the famous’, in which the singer and the model collided strongly after Pablo accused her of insulting him and treating him rudely, in addition to referring to him in a derogatory manner as “the boy Pablo “.

The discussion turned to the housework that was done in the reality show, since Huntsman He pointed out that Celia did not collaborate with the cleaning of the bathroom and the kitchen, while he had had to wash the dishes that she left behind.

Chela Lora, the mother of Celia, spoke yesterday about that incident. During the recording of the new video of Alex Lora, Chela said that she does not forgive Pablo Montero for the way he treated his daughter.

“You have to respect women, I always grew up with a phrase that said: women are not even touched with a rose petal, and the truth has been a struggle for I don’t know how many years of fighting for the rights of women”, said the also singer.

Celia, leaving The House of Celebrities, pointed out that the incident with Paul Montero He had placed her in a complicated situation: “At all times he threw the wave at me and when I complained to him, the problems began between him and me.”

It will be six months since that problem, but beer She is very clear about what she thinks: “It is incredible that there are or are emerging more people who have no respect and who kill women and all that, I mean, crimes in general are terrible, but focusing hatred of women or their frustrations on the woman, I do not forgive that”.