Chelsea begins to suffer from the sanction against Abramovich: they warn that they would run out of money in 17 days and ask the British Government for help

The future of Chelsea Football Club is unknown (Photo: REUTERS) (TOBY MELVILLE /)

Beyond the victory that the Chelsea got before Norwich City within the framework of Date 30 of the premier leagueand that the fans blues showed their support for the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich on the visit to Carrow RoadThese are not easy days at a club that will beg the British Government this Friday to ease restrictions to avoid a financial disaster, because without income the future has become dark in Stamford Bridge.

As reported by the Daily Mailthe Blues are heading for bankruptcy and could be left on the verge of bankruptcy in just over 15 dayswhich has led the ministers of the government British to seriously consider the option of force the sale of the club for close to $4 billion without Roman Abramovich have to give permission or get some benefit.

The Chelsea achieved another victory in the premier leaguethis time 3-1 against Norwich with goals from Chalobah, Mount and Havertzsome of the stars that cost him a fortune to maintain for their astronomical salaries.

Chelsea fans supported Roman Abramovich at Carrow Road (Photo: REUTERS)
Chelsea fans supported Roman Abramovich on Carrow Road (Photo: REUTERS) (CHRIS RADBURN /)

The aforementioned English medium points out that the cost of salaries for the first team is around USD 37 million per month, and the most recent accounts show reserves of $21 millionso the club would burn that cash in only 17 days. With the penalty to Abramovich prevents the London entity from raising money from ticket sales and merchandisethe picture is bleak.

As if that were not enough, the company Three has suspended its sponsorship agreement on the shirt, while other sponsors such as Nike,Hyundai and Zapp they also evaluate the option of breaking their contracts. In this context, British ministers could take control of the sale process to divert any profit from Abramovich’s hands and give it to an independent charity.

A meeting is pending between the directors of the Chelsea with the Ministers of Technology, Culture, Media and Sportswhere they aim to ease the punishment to sell tickets and, above all, resolve the situation regarding the contracts of some players who could leave for free, such as the captain César Azpilicueta or the defenders Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen.

The British Government could force the sale of the club to prevent the money from falling into the hands of Roman Abramovich (Photo: Reuters)
The British Government could force the sale of the club to prevent the money from falling into the hands of Roman Abramovich (Photo: Reuters) (Tony O’Brien/)

chris philpMinister of Technology, criticized fans of the Chelsea who chanted the name Roman Abramovich on his trip to Carrow Road. “I’m a football fan too, I’m a fan of Crystal Palace, South London. So I understand why fans are very attached to their football clubs. But Roman Abramovich is someone who has been sanctioned for his very close ties to Vladimir Putin. I just respectfully say to the Chelsea fans, I know he has done a lot for the club, but the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and what the Russian regime is doing to civiliansbombing maternity hospitals and shooting civilians fleeing humanitarian corridors, that’s more important than football”, he said in dialogue with TimesRadio.

The Daily Mail notes that ministers are going to stand firm on the restrictions and could even force the sale, effectively leaving Abramovich with two options: accept the conditions of the Government and lose the club for nothingor let the Chelsea walk slowly towards bankruptcy.

The United Kingdom sanctions on Roman Abramovich that hit Chelsea are in force until May 31 (Photo: REUTERS)
The United Kingdom sanctions on Roman Abramovich that hit Chelsea are in force until May 31 (Photo: REUTERS) (PETER NICHOLLS /)

Pat Nevinwho played for the Blues and still writes for the club’s website, he revealed in an interview with BBC 5Live that some of the club staff had already been “partially laid off” in the wake of Thursday’s financial sanctions. The former star also warned that the future of the Chelsea follow “in grave danger” and asked Abramovich that the institution sells to the “right people”.

the millions of Abramovich has led to Chelsea from mid-table mediocrity to winning five Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies, among other titles, but his ties to the Kremlin have dug his own grave and been banned from doing business in the UK which is active until may 31 He has put his team in crisis. If the club ends up in administration, it is exposed to a penalty of nine points in the Premier League.


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