Chicken Salad with Amaranth, Lettuce, Tomato and Oil


2 eggs
to taste salt and pepper
1 cup of amaranth
1 cup of wheat bran
2 chicken milanese
1 cup of flour
1 Nutrioli pure edible soybean oil
1/4 cups Extra Virgin Olive, for the dressing
2 tablespoons white vinegar, for the dressing
1 cup mango, for the dressing
1/2 tablespoons chili seeds
1 tablespoon honey, for the dressing
to taste salt and pepper, for the dressing
2 cups of Italian lettuce, washed and disinfected
1/4 cups cherry tomato, cut in half
1/4 cups cherry tomato, yellow, halved


Beat the eggs with salt and pepper.

Mix the amaranth with the wheat bran.

Bread the chicken milanesas passing through egg, flour and the amaranth mixture.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat and heat the Nutrioli Pure Soy Edible Oil. Fry the milanesas until cooked and crisp.

Drain on absorbent paper.

Cut the milanesas into medium thick strips and reserve.

For the dressing, blend the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the white vinegar, the chili seeds, the honey, the mango, season with salt and pepper.

Assemble the salad by placing lettuce, chicken strips, tomatoes and accompany with the dressing.