Child “burns” his father and reveals that he “cheats” on his mother with his godmother

The boy gave details about how he found out about his father’s infidelity.

On a sunny day in Mexico City, a boy revealed without further ado a family “bomb”: his father is unfaithful to his mother with his godmother.

A popular group of youtubers that is dedicated to posting videos about curious customs, jokes and other Mexican jokes, interviewed some boys and girls in a CDMX plaza.

The dynamic consisted of the youtubers, known as ‘Los ADN’, asking the children to tell a gossip in front of the camera to display it on social networks.

In exchange for revealing the gossip, the children would receive a prize consisting of fifty or one hundred Mexican pesos.
It turns out that, when they interviewed one of the children, without further ado, he revealed that “family secret”: “What is your gossip?” asked one of the youtubers.

The boy immediately answered the question, without dimensioning the impact that his revelation could represent:
“My mom doesn’t know that my dad is unfaithful to her with my godmother,” replied the approximately 5-year-old boy.

The youtuber, surprised, asked the boy to elaborate more on the subject, for which he asked him how he realized his father’s infidelity.

The boy replied, with the innocence of a minor, that he saw his father kissing his godmother.

However, when the youtuber asked the boy what he wants to say to his father, the video cuts off with an image of “El Chavo del 8” and his well-known phrase: “It sparkled on me,” so the audience of the youtubers could no longer find out the child’s response.