Child dies in the pool of the school where he went to class. he was six years old

A father of a family published a video in which, on the verge of tears, he narrates the way in which his son drowned in the pool of the Williams School, where the boy attended as a student.

“My son arrived at half past seven, as always, he went in… we said goodbye at the entrance, he didn’t want to swim,” the man narrates in the video.

In social networks it was denounced that the school’s reaction was to change the configuration of their accounts to make them private and prevent parents from posting messages.

In the video, the father says that he received a call from the school two hours later.

“They told us about the school that my son had had a mishap in the pool, they did not give us more information, we asked for information. But they told us ‘we are going to transfer him'”.

This morning, parents of the school, including those of the child who died, demonstrated outside the school and confronted the director whom they accused of wanting to hide information, not showing empathy and refusing to give an official version of death or at least show the security cameras.

“You and all your people are going to go to jail,” said the boy’s mother in the middle of the discussion and obviously hurt and crying.