Child hides in container and is found 6 days later in Malaysia

A boy in Bangladesh who was playing hide and seek thought he had found the perfect hiding place. And boy was he. It took them six days to find it… almost 3,200 kilometers away

It happened that the boy, who is 11 years old and was identified as “Fahim”, chose a container so as not to be found, but without realizing that the boy was inside, they closed the doors and shipped him to his destination: Malaysia.

Fahim was locked inside the container for the six days it took the ship that was transporting him to reach Port Klang, just over 3,000 kilometers away.

It was a true miracle that the boy, who did not eat or drink anything for all those days, was able to survive the long journey.

Surprise in a Malaysian port

On January 17, while unloading containers from a ship from Chittagong in Bangladesh, Malaysian Port Klang staff were surprised to see a confused and emaciated child climb out of one of the containers.

The boy did not speak the local language so the port authorities could not get any information from him, but they suspected that he was the victim of a criminal organization of human trafficking, so they immediately called the police.

Photos and videos taken by port workers show the scrawny boy appearing confused by the unfamiliar surroundings as he steps out of the shipping container.

He is then picked up by an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

Finally, the boy managed to communicate with the authorities. He told them that he fell asleep in the container while he was hiding from his friends and later found himself locked up.

Despite his cries for help, no one came to his rescue, so he spent six days locked inside. The container of it was transported by ship, almost 3,200 kilometers to Port Klang, Malaysia.

The boy hadn’t eaten anything in days when he was finally able to break out of his metal prison, and he looked haggard.
Fortunately, he was stabilized in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Malaysian authorities have confirmed that there is no reason to doubt the boy’s story and that there are no suspicions of human trafficking in this case.