Child is saved from being run over by the caterpillar in León

A minor was saved from being run over by a ‘caterpillar’ in the city of León, Guanajuato; Although the events occurred on August 18, the video has barely gone viral on social media.

The minor’s mother was unable to stop him, and he crossed in front of the public transport unit that passed him centimeters.

The approximately 4-year-old boy was saved from being run over by a public transport unit on two occasions, on Adolfo López Mateos boulevard in the municipality of León.

In the video broadcast through social networks, you can see the little boy running across, and without caution in the middle of traffic and in front of a public transport unit known as ‘the caterpillar’.

In the images it can also be seen that, thanks to the expertise of the truck driver, the unit manages to stop on time without causing harm to the minor, and even gives the rest of the family an opportunity to cross as well.

Users on social networks point out that the driver was not going at high speed, otherwise he would not have been able to stop.

In a second video, it is observed how immediately after, the same minor tries to cross the lane that goes in the opposite direction but stops seconds before another unit passes.

It should be noted that this is not the first incident of this type that occurs at road junctions in the city of León, since on August 9 a family was also about to die after being run over by a caterpillar; a woman in the company of two children crossed Adolfo López Mateos boulevard without realizing that the vehicle was on the lane.

Another similar event took place on May 24, when a woman also became a trend after miraculously saving herself, after crossing Airport Boulevard without looking.

According to the first versions, the woman was left standing in the central lanes because her car had run out of gas. So she decided to get out of her vehicle and cross the boulevard to solve her problem, but when she turned, she was almost run over by a public transport truck.

Faced with this situation, authorities invite to respect the established pedestrian crossings, especially in crowded areas such as the historic center, they also call on parents to take care of their little ones when walking on public roads or using public transport.