Children hospitalized who said they had “seen the Devil” at school

In the Dominican Republic, children who claim to have seen the devil in their school are hospitalized; In the video you can see the minors out of their minds and screaming.

Children who said they had “seen the devil” at school are hospitalized At least six fifth-grade students from the Ernesto González Lachapelle school, in Baní, Dominican Republic, had to be urgently hospitalized this week after having panic attacks . The minors claimed to have seen “the devil” in their classroom.

In videos circulating on social networks, students are seen screaming in horror at the hospital. Some with what, apparently, are pictures of seizures.

Others said they were dizzy and some more are seen lying on the chairs in the waiting room. In the middle of the chaotic scene, some women appear imposing their hands and praying for the minors, as if it were a healing ritual. It all happened at the Nuestra Señora de Regla Hospital.

Spokesmen for the school explained to the local press that the incident occurred on Thursday after unusual chaos broke out in the classroom, located on the third floor.

One of the children stated that he had been touched by a witch and a girl assured, for her part, that she had seen “blonde demons”. That upset the entire school group.

However, the medical staff and psychologists who attended to the case clarified that it was, in reality, a collective hysteria that was surely manifested by anxiety and stress that minors present.

Some families, however, insist that it was a paranormal case and that there are ghosts at school.

Forensic psychologist Jipsofilia Castillo Rosa explained to the Al Rojo Vivo program that “it could be substance intoxication.

Another probable cause could be a shared psychotic disorder. It could also influence the religious culture that is in our country.

Classes at school, for now, were suspended. The school community has advanced days of prayer so that, according to what they say, any supernatural entity leaves the institution.