Children of Jenni Rivera will launch biographical film of the singer

Children of Jenni Rivera assured that the biographical film of the singer will be very different from the series that was launched

Jenni Rivera’s death is about to turn 10, so her children decided to remember the singer’s legacy with the release of ‘Mission Accomplished’, however it is not the only project that is being considered, as they confirmed that there are plans to release a biopic.

Months after the 10th anniversary of the tragic accident that took the singer’s life, her children assure that she has future projects, with which they seek to honor her mother’s career.

In an interview prior to the recent release of ‘Mission Accomplished’, Jenni Rivera’s unreleased song, the singer’s children confirmed that there are plans to create a biographical film.

According to his statements, Jenni Rivera’s biographical film would focus on how she made her way in the music industry and would show another part of her life, which was already brought to the screen in a series.

“We believe that my mother was always open in her personal life, but this time we will lean more into how she made her way in the industry. The way she fought is something that I always think about when I see how the genre has grown, before it was not seen, today it has a great impact and I think my mom was one of those who allowed it ”said Jacqie.