China creates artificial womb capable of gestating human embryos

researchers from the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, in ChinaThey claim to have created a artificial uterus capable of gestating human embryos, without requiring the womb of a woman.

The device is designed with artificial intelligence, which monitors the growth of the fetus and gives it everything it needs during its gestation, but so far it has only been tested on mice, according to the scientists in the article. published in the scientific journal Journal of Biomedical Engineering.

The device gives the fetus the nutrients and oxygen necessary for its development. It can also recognize if there are changes in status and adjust them automatically so that the product is born correctly. It also has the ability to classify embryos according to their development potential, this means that if the fetus has a serious problem, the machine will notify you.

However, the laws prohibit this type of experiments. with human embryos older than two weeks, so there is still a lot of work to be done, both scientifically and legally.

If it becomes a reality, experts consider that women could have an additional option, since it would not only allow them to continue carrying out their activities, but also intelligent machines will detect any abnormality of the fetus in time, but this does not mean that the device can “cure” it, at least not yet.

And you, would you accept that a machine with artificial intelligence gestated your baby?