Chinese army launched intimidation exercises around Taiwan due to the official visit of the island’s vice president to the US

Monitoring from Taiwan of the maneuvers of the Xuzhou frigate of the Chinese army (via Reuters) (TAIWAN NAVY /)

the armed forces of China they started on saturday military exercises around Taiwan as “stern warningagainst what it defined as collusion between “separatists and foreign forces,” the Chinese Defense Ministry said days after the vice president of the island made a stopover in the United States.

The recent trip of Vice President of Taiwan William Lai, to Paraguay to strengthen diplomatic relations with the last partner of his government in South America included stops in San Francisco and New York City. The ruling Chinese Communist Party claims that Taiwan is part of its territory and has no right to exercise foreign relations.

A spokesman for the China Eastern Theater Command said in a brief statement that the military exercises involved the coordination of ships and planes and their ability to take control of air and sea spaces.

In addition, they served test the “real combat capabilities” of the forces, Shi Yi pointed out. The maneuvers, carried out in the waters and airspace north and southwest of Taiwan, were a warning against provocations by foreign forces and pro-Taiwan independence supporters, he added.

In the images published by the command on the internet, you could see running soldiers, plus military ships and planes.

In this image, taken from video broadcast by China's state broadcaster CCTV, Chinese soldiers participate in military drills in China, (CCTV via AP)
In this image, taken from a video broadcast by Chinese state television CCTV, Chinese soldiers participate in military exercises in China, (CCTV via AP) (Uncredited/)

State television station CCTV said that the operation involved missile-equipped ships and fighter jetsand that the units worked together to simulate an encirclement of Taiwan.

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said on the X social network, formerly known as Twitter, that its forces detected 45 military aircraft and nine Chinese ships around the island between 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and 6:00 a.m. on Sunday.

He said 27 of the planes, including 8u-30, J-10 and J-11 fighters they crossed the area in the middle of the Taiwan Straitan unofficial demarcation considered a buffer zone between the island and the mainland, and entered the island’s air defense identification space.

Chinese army ship (via Reuters/File)
Chinese army ship (via Reuters / file) (HANDOUT /)

For his part, Taiwan deployed planes and ships and activated its ground-based missile systems in response to the maneuvers and was closely monitoring the situation, the department added.

In another statement, the ministry forcefully condemned what it described as “irrational and provocative maneuvers.” Its armed forces will be ready against the threats posed by the Chinese army, he said, adding that they have “the ability, determination and self-confidence to safeguard national security.”

The ministry also posted a video on Facebook showing previous military exercises, saying the exercises reflected China’s militaristic mentality.

Taiwan and China separated in 1949 after a civil war that ended with the Communist Party in power on the mainland. The autonomous island has never been part of the People’s Republic of China, but Beijing considers it a breakaway province that must be recaptured by force if necessary.

Taiwanese Presidential Office spokeswoman Olivia Lin accused China of provoking fear in its bid to influence the January 2024 presidential election and condemned the provocation in a message posted on Facebook. Lin said the international community has repeatedly stressed the importance of maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait and urged Beijing to stop such actions.

(With information from AP)

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