Chiquis Rivera already has a boyfriend, but she is not thinking about a wedding: “Let’s see what the future says”

The singer also revealed everything about her courtship with photographer Emilio Sánchez (IG: chiquis)

Janney Marin Rivera, known as “Chiquis” Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, recently launched his new podcast Chiquis and Chill on iHeart Radio, and has mentioned more details about the end of his relationship with Lorenzo Mendez. In an interview with People in spanish The singer also revealed everything about what she has learned in love and her courtship with the photographer Emilio Sanchez, with whom he shares a romance that despite classifying it as very good, says he does not want a wedding again, for the moment.

The singer assured that she is very stable and sentimentally happy, but despite the fact that she feels “very in love”, at the moment the ideal for her is to continue the relationship in a healthy way and being able to continue knowing each other is the central axis to be able to change response in the future.

I think there are no wedding plans right now. He has told me that he would love to marry me, but right now we are taking it day after day. I want to enjoy, I don’t want to force anything. I want to let things flow and I just want to be happy and be accepted as I am and loved, and it is what I have right now and I am enjoying it Let’s see what the future says!”, Mentioned the singer of hits as Completely, It is fashionable not to want or Exit Ticket.

(photo: @ chiquis / instagram)
Singer r opened up about many personal issues that she has been experiencing recently (photo: @ chiquis / instagram)

The singer and also influencer was honest about many personal issues for which she has been living recently. A divorce has been something very delicate for her, since she herself mentioned “that kind of things are never expected”, but even so, she takes each obstacle as a new challenge in her personal and professional life.

“From every challenge in my life I have learned something from myself. In the aspect of love, what do I want and don’t wantHow can I change, improve so as not to continue with the same patterns, continue in the same way. They have helped me so much everything that I have had to face mature as a woman, as a singer, as an artist ”, he told People in spanish singer.

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The singer mentioned that getting up after each fall is something she learned from her family CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 23: Chiquis Rivera attends the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards at Watsco Center on September 23, 2021 in Coral Gables, Florida. Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images / AFP (Photo by Rodrigo Varela / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP) (RODRIGO VARELA /)

In his new podcast he mentioned that getting up after every fall is something he learned from his family. Despite the great media scandals that the family has presented after the death of Jenni Rivera, these kinds of lessons continue to be part of her since she grew up with that and “what is well learned is never forgotten.”

I wake up because they instilled in me that I can’t give up, that’s okay, you can fall, cry a little because crying is good, it cleanses your soul, and get up because there is no other, “he said.

Religion and faith for her is something very important, for this reason she has become more interested in her spirituality and that has been one of the main things that have helped her to live the whole process of her divorce in a better way, which she has not officially finalized.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ chiquis
Chiquis Rivera considers herself a woman of faith PHOTO: Instagram / @ chiquis

It is my faith in God that everything will be fine, it has helped me a lot. I am a woman of faith, I always say it because I would not be here if it were not for the strength that God gives me. There is a power much greater than us and we must respect that power and entrust ourselves to God every day because that helps you get ahead, “he added.

In previous days, Jenny Rivera’s daughter commented to the cameras of Come the joy that he has been waiting for the signing of the divorce agreement for a long time, but that Lorenzo Méndez has refused: “I am waiting for you to signI’m sending mails almost begging you to please sign and they have not answered me. It’s been about four months now, ”he clarified about his desire to complete the last procedure.


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