Chiquis Rivera appears with bruises on her face and has her breasts reduced: They are a little smaller

Chiquis Rivera.


The singer underwent a severe cosmetic procedure.

Chiquis Rivera wants to show its best version in 2024so he entered the operating room and She underwent cosmetic surgery to reduce her breasts and get some ‘fixes’ on her face.after having lost several sizes.

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I had a treatment on my face, eyes, neck and abdomen that it’s called Morpheus (skin rejuvenation treatment). They did it to me a couple of days ago and while I was sedated, they did my tits, or rather they did my tits and while I was sedated they did the Morpheus thing to me.”

“I’m better now, I feel better now; I was in a lot of painI had a flipped implant and Dr. Gutiérrez He fixed my tits, they look a little smaller. The first two days were painful, but I’m better now… I’m all bruised, but it’s going to be worth it“, he expressed ‘Queen Bee’.


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