Chris Evans questioned about Shakira; replies if he would go out with her

Chris Evans he assures that he was not aware of the uproar that has been armed in social networks after the thunder between Shakira Y Gerard Pique, in which he and Henry Cavill have been involved in memes as prospects for the Colombian.

Evans, who is in full promotion of the tape Disney’s “Lightyear” spin-off of the animated saga that narrates the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, was questioned about whether he would come out or not with the singer from “Waka Waka2 now that she is single.

In the “Wake up America” ​​program, they showed the 40-year-old actor a series of related memes with Shakira; the American took the situation with humor and even admitted that “Superman could indeed beat Captain America.”

before the question whether or not he would go out with the interpreter of “Barefoot feet“, the superhero left the door open faced with the possibility, he did not deny that it could happen and he smiled nervously at the questions, as he assured that he does not consume much social networks, so he was oblivious to the fuss that involves him with one of the best-known pop voices from Colombia.

Some days ago, when the versions of the crisis began between Shakira and Piqué, netizens realized that Chris Evans returned the follow to Shakira on the Instagram platform.

How Shakira copes with the separation

Coping in the best possible way the cloud of cameras and photographers that follow each one of their steps since he confirmed his separation from Gerard Piqué, Shakira has been seen visibly more animated than in recent days.

Far from sadness and seriousness impossible to hide on the singer’s face since it was made public his break with the footballer, This Friday the Colombian has reappeared most smiling thanks to a very special date.

The end-of-year festival of one of his children, that the artist did not want to miss, thus demonstrating that the little ones are their only priority in these very hard times.

Far from the casual and sporty looks of these days, Shakira has shown off her figure with a flattering minidress printed in shades of pink and purple, to match her sunglassesher very long loose hair and a smile that we already missed.

In addition, the singer, accompanied by her brother Tonino, has entered the school of his little ones loaded with a huge pizza box, we imagine that to invite the little friends of Milan and Sasha to a lunch to celebrate in style that in a few days they will finish the course.

An attitude with which Shakira tries to demonstrate thatwho is well and animated after her breakup with Piqué, although he continues to remain silent and has avoided commenting on the information which point to the fact that, very much in love with the footballer, I would have tried to get back with him twice since they broke off their relationship three months ago.