Chris Hemsworth travels to Africa

Chris Hemsworth put aside his superhero roles to live an incredible adventure surrounded by wild animals accompanied by his family

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who learned a few months ago that he has a high chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s, took a breather and rested with his partner Elsa Pataky and children.

The celebrity couple decided it was time to change their routine and get away from the film sets to enjoy an adventure in Africa, where they enjoyed beautiful landscapes and nature.

Through Instagram Chris shared a series of photos where you can see that Elsa and he are surrounded by elephants, a lion and camels, among other specimens that inhabit the African continent.

In the caption of the photo, the superhero interpreter showed his satisfaction for the experiences, for which he said: “One of the most memorable trips to Kenya that my family and I have had.”

For her part, Elsa Pataky, also on Instagram, gave her impressions of the family trip, referring to it as a great experience, for which she described Kenya as follows: “One of my favorite places in the world! I always dream of Africa.”

In all the photos shared by the couple, it can be seen that the family, formed in 2010, was very relaxed and comfortable with the nature of this country, whose main attraction is its fauna. Sasha and Tristan, 8, and their daughter India, 10, just like her parents had fun.

Although both actors have schedules full of activities, they took time to forget about the routine and just limit themselves to enjoying a moment, which is not so common to live, since this type of adventure is not so easy to make it come true when living in another continent.

After this break in their professional activities, the actor couple will have busy months. So far, no one has said what film projects await them, but it is not ruled out that Chris surprises with a new installment of the Marvel universe.

The duo has made superhero tapes, a year ago they collaborated on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ in 2022, so their fans should not rule out seeing them together again.