Chris Rock says his feud with Jada Smith arose because he refused to boycott the Oscars years ago

The comedian told how his rivalry with Jada Pinkett Smith arose and assured that the slap that the Oscar winner gave him still hurts

A year after receiving a slap from Will Smith during the Oscars last year, American comedian Chris Rock took his revenge on Saturday in a monologue broadcast on Netflix.

The comedian pointed out that Pinkett Smith’s animosity towards him had originated a few years earlier, when she asked him to boycott the Academy Awards in Hollywood because her husband had not been nominated for the 2015 film The Hidden Truth (Concussion, in English).​

“She said a grown man should quit his job because the husband wasn’t nominated for ‘Concussion.’ Then (Smith) smacks me,” she joked.

“What the hell? Did I make some jokes about it? Who gives a fuck? So are the things; she starts, I finish it. Nobody was bothering her.”

This Saturday at a show in Baltimore, Rock retaliated by accusing Smith of carrying out “selective outrage”, stating that the actor was upset that his wife had cheated on him.

“Will Smith practices selective outrage,” Rock said in the monologue broadcast live on Netflix.
“People ask me ‘did it hurt?’ It still hurts,” she added. “Will Smith is a lot bigger than me.

Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in a movie. Do you think I auditioned for that part?”