Chris Uribe presents his EP “Inicio Final”

His artistic career began in the “Chiquilladas” program and he has participated in TV series and programs.

In these times of the music industry, which obeys and dictates certain rules such as making songs known through singles as musical releases, the Mexican singer-songwriter, Chris Uribe, has an interesting, fresh and attractive concept for us to listen to his EP ” Inicio Final”, from the first to the fourth song that makes it up.

The first two songs of his recent production are: “Sí, ya sé” and “Junto a mí”, in both the luminous part of a relationship emerges, from the moment you court the person in question, the emotion that exists and the moment in which they are together, without injuries, and only the moon and eternal love are shared.

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In “Sí, ya sé” it is the emotion and the shock of the heart for the other person, and although there are times when mistakes cost us dearly when we fall in love, he also graduated from the Bachelor of Contemporary Popular Music and execution from the Academy of Fermatta music, proposes us in this theme to take risks and live love to the full.

While in “Together with me”, everything is balanced, it is to thank life for the arrival of that special person with whom you decide to unite your life, to paint your days with illusions and joys. At this stage the heart is reconciled with love and flows.

In this first installment, of two press releases, in the first two songs of the EP “Inicio Final” light, love, 100% loving complicity prevail, but once people change due to time and the lack of understanding, everything becomes dark and the twilight of our days begins.

Chris Uribe was part of the 3rd generation of the SACM Composers Diploma. He has a master’s degree in Global Entertainment & Music business from Berklee College of Music.

His artistic career begins in the program “Chiquilladas” and has participated in series, TV programs, in more than 20 plays and movies.

He has four EPs in his musical career: Vuelve, Sessions, Efecto POP and Inicio Final.