Christian Estrada and Ferka Quiroz expose the origin of the war for their son and how they could solve it

the war between Ferka Quiroz and Christian Estrada It has become red hot, after the incident that took place on Saturday, November 26 in a shopping mall, and that in a matter of minutes went viral on social networks. The facts were like this: the actress met the father of her son Leonel de ella, and she ended up being the victim of an ambush in which she was stripped of her minor.

After that, the model was detained for three days in the North Prison, but in the end the authorities found no elements to keep him in prison. That decision makes impotence come out of the pores of the contestant of Las Estrellas dance on Today. She demands that the authorities provide justice for her and the minor of just one year.

“I am very out of the loop, very sad. I’m a super happy woman, that’s why I’ll be fine soon, I know that; I am generous with myself, accepting that things are like that, ”says the interpreter from the set where she records the Televisa reality show. Exclusively, Christian also gives us arguments not to give up.


For Ferka it is essential to take care of one’s health in these moments of tension; that’s why she turns to a specialist to calm her anxiety. “The therapy has to be basic basket; Today, of course I’m going to keep doing it. This is happening to me today, but it also happens to many women who have contacted me, so I will raise my voice for myself and for all of them, for those women who do not see where the aggression is and think that the father of the child has rights to many things. I understand that they are rights, but they are not the manners; I will continue with the investigation, I will continue to provide evidence. They know that I have a legal process, that is why there are many things that I cannot talk about, but evidently I am already talking to the National Women’s Front because I am a victim of vicarious violence; Of course I’ll do what I can to help.”

Although Christian Estrada argues that his ex-partner does not give him the chance of a fair agreement, Ferka tells TVyNovelas that he has always been open to dialogue. “I have always wanted to negotiate in the best way for my son, I am willing to do it because I have never had a problem. He has always made false statements, she argues that I never let him see the child, but I have proof; At the end of the day, I love my son above all things and it has never been my intention to harm his father ”.


Have you never denied him a visit? we asked him. “Never! You know that I am very transparent, I have never done that, so I will go to the instances of human rights, family and vicarious violence. That interests me a lot, since this type of violence is growing and is becoming empowered in this country; I will do it with great pleasure because it cannot be possible for parents to take their children to hurt their partners; It is seen between men and women, but in this case we are the majority; I don’t understand how they use one child to harm another, because you know that it is irreparable damage, it is what they can hurt me the most with, so of course I will do it”.

The support of the public and his fellow artists has been a balm that has relieved Ferka in the midst of darkness, and this is how she describes it: “I am totally grateful; It has not been for free, it has also been for camaraderie, for friendship, for all the people I know from all this time in the media. Truly, I am blessed by these expressions of affection. I am especially grateful to my producer (Andrea Rodríguez), because she has given me her unconditional support. I am surrounded by love, and that support network feeds my soul.”


A week after the events, the actress is still crying. “I’m still in shock! I can’t believe it. I do not accept the incompetence of the authorities. It saddened me because there are many tests that I cannot be calm with. Right now I’m scared, but I’m protecting myself. Of course, I won’t say how, because I alert you. I don’t let my guard down, because my son is my everything, just like my parents I love them and they have behaved like gods, they have not let go of my hand. I also have amazing friends… I feel so blessed.”

The idea of ​​giving up The Stars Dancing on Today never crossed his mind. “I consider myself a brave woman, who does not abandon projects. Obviously I have quite complicated things to solve and I must divide myself into 20, but I am not a woman who knows how to quit. Here I am, because we have worked a lot to continue in this competition, and I would never do that to my partner, my choreographer, the program, myself… I would never do it. I want to teach my son that, despite the adversities, he has to continue working for his dreams and his goals.”

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