Christian Nodal announced the break of his commitment to Belinda: “I ask for respect”

After the rumors of the rupture between Christian Nodal and Belinda, the interpreter of Goodbye Masterr broke the silence and announced that his engagement to the singer has ended.

It was from your account Instagram, where he regional mexican singer opened his heart and pointed out that it had been a joint decision, therefore, the long-awaited wedding could not take place.

“To all my fans and friends of the press I want to share that we have decided to end our commitment and our relationshipeach taking the best of the other. With much gratitude for having accompanied us in this time, ”he wrote.

Similarly, Nodal mentioned that both he as Belinda they would experience the duel of their relationship in their own way and asked the public to be empathic with the situation.

“I ask for respect for the decision we have made, where each one will live their separation process in their own way and always wishing each other the best for the happy times lived and those of trial as well. Everything that is speculated is false, ”he expressed.

The singer remarked that these would be the only statements he would make on the subject and was emphatic that his decision should not be questioned..

“To the media, with much respect, we inform you that I will not speak more on the subject. Nodal”, she concluded.

So far the interpreter from Light without gravity has not issued any statement in this regard. And it is that for several days there was speculation about the possible end of one of the most controversial relationships and loved at the same time from the entertainment world.

the journalist Agnes Moreno had claimed that Belinda would have put an end to her love affair with the interpreter from bottle after bottle. Moreno’s statements were made through his account tik tokwhere assured that Nodal canceled his professional plans because, according to your comments, is going through a severe depression.

It wasn’t just a rumour, it’s true.. Soon we will see the tattoo removal operation. A few hours ago a very very safe source and very close to Christian Nodal He has just confirmed that indeed they thundered. And it’s not a media thing that they were unfollowed on social media. This is much more serious”, mentioned Inés Moreno.

Moreno stated that Nodal I was about to release a new song together with the singer Junior Hernández next February 14, but due to the supposed depression faced by the interpreter of Goodbye Love said subject and its tour were cancelled.

“Everything was ready and prepared, and Junior was also going on tour with Nodal, but suddenly They told him that it will no longer be possiblethat the duet will not be able to be launched and that the tour will not be done either because Christian is very depressed after the breakup with Belinda. I promise you that my source is accurate, reliable”

Given the confirmation of the news by Nodal, Internet users were widely disappointed, however, they did not take long to find the funny side of the situation and they began to question what Nodal would do with Belinda’s tattoos.

And now what will Nodal do with the tattoos he got from Belinda?“Alv the “love” of Beli and Nodal”, “Rolas is coming Uuufff Nodal has just confirmed that he finished with belinda”, are some of the mentions by Twitter users.