Christian Nodal fills himself with Belinda tattoos; takes four

Christian Nodal takes Belinda always around very seriously. The singer has turned the tattoos into a demonstration of love for his fiancée, especially since Lupillo Rivera, Beli’s previous boyfriend, decided to erase the one he had done on his arm.

Here we present the account of everything that Nodal’s body has to remember that the singer is the love of his life.

1.- A cupid’s bow. The first sign of love that Nodal got tattooed was a bow in his hand but no arrow. On one side, she put on a number 4. In correspondence, Belinda got the same number and an arrowed heart tattooed, which completes the idea that Christian Nodal arrowed Belinda’s heart. That tattoo sealed their engagement.

2.- Beli. In September 2020, Nodal posted a video in which he appears singing and playing the piano. That was the first time the “Beli” tattoo was seen very close to her ear. In the video, Nodal seems nervous and loses the rhythm of the song when he realizes that he is being recorded.

3.- Belinda’s eyes.- It is the largest of all and Nodal showed almost the entire process in a video in which he knows how to shave his chest to make a tattoo of Beli’s gaze.

4.- Utopia.- This weekend, Nodal added another line to his body in honor of the love he feels for the singer. Belinda’s third album is called ‘Utopia’ and that was the word Christian chose to write on his forehead, in red. Although there was a controversy over the drastic decision to tattoo his face, Nodal has not clarified if it is a temporary or permanent tattoo.

On the other hand, in Belinda’s body there is also a memory of her boyfriend: the initials of her name enclosed in a heart. When Nodal showed the “Beli” on her ear, Belinda responded by tattooing the letters “CN” in black ink and enclosed within a red heart. Nodal published the video with the message “I love you my life.”