Christian Nodal launches a song and it could be a hint to Belinda

The singer premiered his song and apparently dedicates a few lines to the artist with whom he was about to walk down the aisle.

Christian Nodal released his most recent song, Stay, this April 27 and the lyrics of the song are already giving a lot to talk about on the networks, as many say that it is dedicated to his ex-fiancée, Belinda.

Although the singer has already turned the page and is expecting his first baby with Cazzu, the lyrics of his new song are very direct and allude to a man with a broken heart who asks his beloved not to return and to forget everything that passed between them.

“He called me again. She is worse than fame.

Sure he wanted to come back, but you had to beg him. Stay, but far away, that barely the reflection of my mirror feels love.

Stay, but far away.

Not even in my past do I want to see you, please”, says a verse of the song.

In the song, which has already gone viral on social media, the 24-year-old artist says: “You brought out the worst version of me.

The lowest I’ve fallen was because of you.

I didn’t deserve all this”, implying that his previous relationship was not what he expected.

Within days of being released, the song is already dividing opinions on social media.