Christian Nodal reappears wearing his face quite different

The singer of the Mexican regional Christian Nodal, at only 24 years old, has reached the top of the music industry with an impressive career full of successes, today he appeared with a different face, all apparently since Cazzy, his partner, became pregnant .

The career of the famous interpreter of “Ya no somos ni seremos” in constant ascent has led him to carry out successful tours that have excited thousands of fans around the world.

Recently, Nodal surprised his followers by sharing a video in which he announced his next concert in Texas as part of his “Foraji2 Tour”, looking completely different than a couple of months ago.

And this was what caught everyone’s attention, his physical transformation, as he said goodbye to his characteristic beard, revealing a younger and fresher appearance.

Although the singer mentioned at one point in his career that he would remove the tattoos from his face, the only thing that disappeared was his beard and a bit of his cheeks, although with that he already looks quite different, he will probably do so when his baby is born. baby.

This concert in Texas will mark his last performance before entering into fatherhood, as announced by Christian Nodal.