Christian Nodal removes Belinda’s tattoo from his face

Nodal removes the first tattoo that was made in honor of Belinda

Christian Nodal, famous regional Mexican singer, has already removed the first tattoo that was made in honor of Belinda. The singer of ‘We are not and will not be’ covered up a tattoo on his face that he had placed to show the love he felt for Belinda.

This in the midst of dimes and diretes, a new musical release of both, a statement on gender violence and more.

The love break between Belinda and Nodal has given much to talk about, as they were engaged. Celebrities and entertainment hosts have railed against one side or another and have launched a large handful of speculations. It turns out that Nodal surprised his fans by appearing without the tattoo that he had on his face, near his ear, in which the word “Beli” was read, during the concert that he gave this weekend in Costa Rica.

In it, the singer decided to cover the word ‘Beli’ with the figures of the four poker suits, that is: spade, heart, rhombus and a club.

According to the images published by the photographer David Chacon – who took Nodal’s record at his Christian Nodal concert in Costa Rica – the singer has already covered his past with one of his tattoos.