Christian Nodal undergoes a drastic physical change to please Cazzu

There is no doubt that the love that Christian Nodal has for Cazzu is transforming him, since sources close to the couple reveal that the Mexican underwent multiple aesthetic procedures to improve his physical appearance and thus please the tastes of his beloved.

It was through an interview in TVyNotas magazine that we learned that Nodal has already had some cosmetic surgeries on his face and body to please his fiancée’s tastes, since it is presumed that she is prompting him to adopt his new version. , in which you look more elegant and handsome.

In that sense, it is revealed that Cazzu asked him to remove the tattoos from his face, in order to look cleaner and presentable, subsequently the changes would have continued until Belinda’s ex lost a few kilos, with diet and some exercise.

But it didn’t stop there, since Christian’s radical change also included about three cosmetic surgeries on his face, since it has become evident that very recently the famous person had surgery on his dark circles, but he also outlined his nose and chin.

Although the source assures that this information is true, so far, the singer has not confirmed whether he underwent all of these operations or whether he simply lost weight and therefore looks completely renewed.