Christina Aguilera returned to the Latin Grammy with a spectacular musical show

Christina Aguilera triumphantly returned to the Latin Grammy Awards (Photo: Reuters / Steve Marcus) (STEVE MARCUS /)

Christina Aguilera stole the night of the Latin Grammy. The singer was not present at the ceremony since 2001, the year where his popularity as a performer began to grow. Along with the gala, the American premiered We are nothing, song composed by the Mexican Mario Domm.

The interpreter of genres such as pop and urban returned to the Latin Grammy scene with strength. Aguilera intoned For my girls, single released at the end of October. The song features the collaborations of Nathy Peluso, Becky G and Nicki Nicole, who echoed him on his return to the stage.

The singer lit up the forum for the Latin Grammy with a daring transparent wardrobe. Meanwhile, some dancers danced around Aguilera, while the artist sang the verses of For my girls.

The surprise of the viewers arose when Becky G took control of the song. “I am not just a pretty face. I have strength, fire and dynamite ”, the reggaeton exponent was heard, who won the Grammy thanks to her hit song Bichota.

Nathy Peluso was the next to appear in Christina Aguilera’s stellar presentation. The artist of Argentine origin interpreted her verse from For my girls and took the recognition “Alternative music album” for his work Muscle cramp.

Finally, Nicki nicole came in with the dexterity of a rap. Finally, the Latin singers were joined by Christina Aguilera, who for more than two decades did not parade at the Latin Grammy Awards gala.

Nathy Peluso was invited by Christina Aguilera to her presentation at the Latin Grammy 2021 (Photo: EFE / Antonio Paz)
Nathy Peluso was invited by Christina Aguilera to her presentation at the Latin Grammy 2021 (Photo: EFE / Antonio Paz) (EFEM0396 /)

At the same time as the 2021 Grammys were being held, Christina Aguilera advanced another song from her next album; the simple We are nothing rumbled the platforms of streaming musical. It is a more somber song, where only a piano and the singer’s voice stand out. Also, the piece of music was composed by Mario Domm.

The Mexican singer-songwriter is the founder of the group Camila. On this occasion, he worked alongside Federico Vindver, Sharlene Taule and Christina Aguilera herself to create the song.

This is not the first time that Mario Domm has given his lyrics to other artists. Compositions such as Now I understand, interpreted by Yuridia, Wrong, success of Thalia and Since you arrived, from Reyli Beard. Now Christina Aguilera has joined, who is preparing her return to Hispanic music.

Mario Domm has consolidated his career in the music industry as a pop composer (Photo: Instagram)
Mario Domm has consolidated his career in the music industry as a pop composer (Photo: Instagram)

After successful albums sung in English, such as Bionic and Lotus, Christina Aguilera returned to her origins and released music in Spanish. His album My reflection, released in 2000, led to an award from the Latin Recording Academy. By then, it was recognized for “Best Female Pop Vocal Album”, surpassing Paulina Rubio, Thalía and Laura Pausini.

However, Christina Aguilera’s career took a 180 degree turn and since 2001, the interpreter focused on songs in English. It was not until 2021, with the launch of For my girls who returned to Spanish with three of the most successful singers of recent years.

Aguilera during the red carpet prior to the Latino awards gala (Photo: Bridget Benett / AFP) (BRIDGET BENNETT /)

For the Latin Grammy gala, held in Las Vegas, Christina Aguilera posed in an incredible black dress. Her red hair also caught the attention of the spotlight, since at the beginning of the singer’s career she was totally blonde.

According to what was published on Aguilera’s official Instagram account, her radical change of look It was the work of the stylist Jesús Guerrero. To add more elegance to her wardrobe, the singer of pieces such as But I remember you and Beautiful he wore a cross of fine jewelry.

The Latin Grammy 2021 had as winners artists such as C. Tangana for the categories “Best Pop / Rock Song”, “Best Alternative Song” and “Best Recording Engineering for an Album”. The Spanish singer, along with Camilo, were the most awarded of the night.


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