Chumel Torres is accused of inciting hatred against Le Magistrade

Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo was the first magistrate of Mexico and Latin America identified as a non-binary person.

He was part of the Electoral Tribunal of Aguascalientes, and his discovery occurred in his house, located in the Punta del Cielo residential area, in the capital of his entity.

On social networks, an X user, identified as Sol Arriaga V., recalled that Ricardo Salinas Pliego and the comedian Chumel Torres constantly mocked the magistrate and incited hatred against him.

The also owner of the Elektra appliance stores responded to the message, but stated that one of the reasons why Ociel Baena died was because he did not accept himself as he was.

But not satisfied with his response, the billionaire made a homophobic comment again, in response to the comment of another user who offered to give him respect classes.

Just last November 2, when the magistrate made a call to invite members of the LGBTIQ+ community to apply to work at the National Electoral Institute (INE), Salinas Pliego and Chumel Torres attacked the now dead magistrate, for the language he used in a video in which he encouraged members of the community to participate.

The comedian and YouTuber made reference to the sexual connotations that were made during the recording: “Can’t serious public servants just leave the leperations and bricklayer’s language to one? “