Climate change and artificial intelligence among Bill Gates’ predictions for 2023

Bill Gates predictions for 2023. (Gatesnotes)

The founder of MicrosoftBill Gates has published his list of predictions and “wishes” for the year 2023, which include topics such as the climate change and the development of artificial intelligences as some of the most important trends and to which more importance should be given to guarantee the future of the next generations.

Although he emphasized that the rate of Child mortality in the world fell by almost fifty % in 2019 compared to the 2000 figure, Gates indicated that people who own less means They are accumulating most of the suffering in these times, which means that the children who are born in these homes have to develop their lives in contexts complicated.

In his article “The future that our grandchildren deserve”, Gates indicated that during these last years and especially for this 2023 the world is going through a difficult time and made reference to events such as the war in Ukraine and possible future pandemicsin addition to deepening his approach to specific facts such as the use of the technology for Save lives.

Bill Gates considers that the use of technology in medical applications is very important to reduce infant mortality
Bill Gates considers that the use of technology in medical applications is very important to reduce infant mortality

artificial intelligence to save lives

According to Gates, one of the most complicated scenarios at the time of birth of new babies is to exceed the first 30 days, a period in which many children die due to various factors, among which are some malformations or conditions in childbirth that can be detected using machines of ultrasound that allow the body of the fetus to be seen before it leaves the uterus.

However, these machines are large, expensive and not everyone can operate them, but rather they must be handled by a specialist doctor, which limits their access in underdeveloped countries or under development. That is why its foundation intends to create a portable deviceaccessible to all and that uses intelligence artificial.

“Instead of carrying around a big machine, just attach a probe to a phone mobile or Tablet. You slide it over the mother’s belly several times (…) The software uses artificial intelligence to read the images and provide all the information that a trained human would provide,” he wrote in his article.

Artificial intelligence illustration.  (photo: Security 360 Magazine)
The Bill Gates Foundation is working on creating a device that integrates artificial intelligence to turn a phone or tablet into an ultrasound machine for babies. (photo: Security 360 Magazine)

For Gates, the use of artificial intelligence is an advance technological which is still in progress and which in the coming years could be applied to benefit the vast majority and not only those who can pay to access its services, which could include the development of new medicines, diagnosis of diseases, identification of risks in pregnancies, among others Applications medical.

Improvements in the current climate change landscape

Despite Gates indicating that the world is still behind the scheduled goal of establishing a future with zero carbon emissionswhich actually increased from 51,000 a 52,000 tons only between 2021 and 2022, the founder of Microsoft indicated that humanity is somewhat more prepared to face the effects of climate change such as significant contributions to clean energy initiatives, energy transition to renewable sources, among others

“We are much further along than I would have predicted a few years ago in getting companies to invest in zero advances. carbon emissions”, he indicated and affirmed that, specifically, financing by private companies has increased by almost a third since the climate summit in Paris took place in 2015, since only in USA a total of 500 billion of dollars for the energy transition.

Illustrative image to save energy at home.  (photo: Encyclopedia)
Private investment for the energy transition of companies increased by a third and is now around 500 billion. (photo: Encyclopedia)

The challenges for 2023

Among the main situations that may develop during this year, citizens from all over the world will have to face difficulties such as the inflationthe spread of diseases like polio, against which Gates affirms that humanity has given in slightly since cases have increased in the last year.

In addition, preventive measures must be taken to avoid the development of new pandemics that could have even worse effects than those experienced by the Covid-19 and prevent the occurrence of further cases of HIVwhich could lead to the discovery of a healing in the next 10 or 15 years.

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