Clowns arrive to give a show and discover that it was a child’s funeral

With the phrase “Our saddest TikTok” the video already accumulates more than 170 thousand views

A video shared through TikTok has moved thousands of users of social networks because what should have been a fun children’s clown show became a moment of many feelings.

According to what was published on the popular short video platform, some clowns went to a home with the intention of offering one of their typical shows, however, when they arrived at the place they noticed something different.

The official account of “Los Star Clowns” released a recording in which they can be seen giving a children’s show and not exactly for a party but for a wake. In the recording you can see one of the clowns burst into tears while taking the photograph of the minor who had died.

According to information released by national media, the clowns initially thought they had been hired for a children’s show, however, upon arriving at the home they noticed the presence of a coffin.

After realizing what was happening, one of the clowns squatted down, addressed a few words to the coffin and later asked for a round of applause for the child they were watching over.