Club América: this was the moment when Santiago Baños called his players “unbearable”

Inside of America things are not going quite well. Recently, images were released in which fans of the capital team showed their dissatisfaction with one of the high ranks of the club, Santiago Banos, sports director of the Coapa team.

On the outskirts of the club, the Azulcrema public expressed that some members of the squad “have risen to fame” and asked the manager to take action.

“Couldn’t you tell them to be a little more humble with the fans?” Asked a fan of the manager, to which Baños replied: “You don’t know how many times I’ve told them.” “They are going up a lot, Santiago, a lot,” replied the Americanist woman; “They become unbearable”, sentenced Bathrooms.

Santiago Baños affirmed that the players become unbearable (Photo: Instagram/@pasion.azulcrema12)

For its part, Santiago Banos He clarified that he had already spoken with them before, however, they apparently ignored him. These requests from the swollen azulcrema arise from the fact that Henry Martin did not want to stop affirming autographs, or the occasion in which they criticized Sebastian Cordova for his seemingly indifferent behavior towards fans.

In the comments of the video that went viral these days, opinions were divided. There were those who empathized with the fan who demanded greater humility, but the sector that supports the decision of the players regarding their coexistence with the people also manifested itself.

“Stop going to the stadium and buying the merchandise, you will see that when you see that the supporter is the fan, you will become humble and dedicate those moments to the fans who are looking for a photo or autograph of their idols. They put them on an altar and they think they divas later”Wrote one user on Twitter.

This was the spectacular hallway to Club América towards the final of Concacaf vs Monterrey (Photo: Twitter / @ ClubAmerica)
The fans have supported the team in this contest (Photo: Twitter / @ ClubAmerica)

“Let’s see … what Henry They do not have the obligation to always stop, but seriously do people believe that because they are standing there they already owe them something? ”, explained another fan on social networks.

There are those who also ironized the fact of asking for autographs from a managerial character, such as Santiago Banos and even started rumors about a possible arrival of Jorge Valdano to the nest: “Whoever in his right mind asks Baños for an autograph, with this Jorge Valdano has already shown himself to be disciplined. I’m already imagining it ”.

Baños’s relationship with the fans of the Eagles it has been fragmented over time. On various occasions the trend has become “Out of bathrooms” demanding the departure of the manager.

The spectacular corridor of the fans of América to the team towards the final of Concacaf (Photo: Twitter / @ ClubAmerica)
The fans of America complained about the behavior of the players (Photo: Twitter / @ ClubAmerica)

In addition to the wishes of departure, the possibility that the historic Argentine, Jorge Valdano, arrives in America to assume the sports presidency is added. Rumors have also led to the version in which Baños would only give up his position to become vice president, without the need to leave the institution.

The direction that the capital club or its sports director will take has not yet been defined. For the moment, America prepares his quarterfinal match against Cougars. The team is expected to reach the final and lift the title, especially because of the pressure on those involved: Santiago Banos, Santiago Solari and Players.

Failure to do so would result in one more failure in the Baños era and his departure would be an even stronger demand from the fans of Los Angeles. Azulcremas. If they could be proclaimed champions, the arrival of reinforcements would be the obligatory request for the manager, a situation for which he has been strongly criticized. Everything will take its course according to the performance that the team has in this league, especially because the margin of error is getting short.


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