Concern for Pelé’s health after a new hospitalization: several tumors were detected

Pelé was hospitalized for the last few hours for further studies (@PELE/)

the health of Pele has been generating concern in recent times after a colon tumor which currently requires him to carry out chemotherapy sessions. The information that emerged after his last hospitalization increased the concern: the doctors detected that he has tumors in the intestine, liver and lung.

The details about this new medical report were released by the chain ESPN although the data was also confirmed by the portal LOU sport. “What worries doctors the most is the liver, since it cannot be surgically removed”, they indicated in the first cited medium. At the same time, they clarified that he is in a “fragile situation” forcing doctors to closely monitor their condition. “He undergoes chemotherapy to prevent tumors from spreading throughout the body”, they warned.

Local media reported that O’Rei He had to be admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital on Wednesday to continue his chemotherapy treatment and was discharged on Thursday. The legendary soccer player 81 years, did not have to return to the medical facilities for an emergency but for a process that is scheduled in order to closely monitor the evolution of the disease in his body after the colon tumor was removed at the beginning of September 2020.

Pelé was discharged after the chemotherapy process (Photo: EFE)
Pelé was discharged after the chemotherapy process (Photo: EFE) (Sebastiao Moreira Sebastiao Moreira/)

This new checkup helped the specialists to confirm the location and determine the extent of the cancer in his body. “Edson Arantes do Nascimento was admitted to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein on January 19 and 20 to continue treatment for the colon tumor, identified in September 2021. The patient was discharged this Thursday (20) and is in good stable clinical condition”, clarified the medical report that had the support of doctors Fabio Nasri (geriatrician and endocrinologist), Rene Gansl (oncologist) and Miguel Cendoroglo Neto (director-Superintendent of Medical and Hospital Services).

The three-time world champion with the Brazilian national team has been undergoing various chemotherapy sessions since he underwent surgery in September. At the end of December, hours before Christmas, he had been discharged so that he can spend the holidays with his family and now he has resumed the procedure again. “Friends, since September 30, when I left the hospital, know that I have had small sessions of chemotherapy as part of my treatment. Today I am at the Albert Einstein Hospital doing the last session of 2021. I wanted to share this achievement with you. After all, every little victory is a reason to celebrate, don’t you think? Instagram by then.

Pelé’s health problems began several years ago when he was underwent surgery on the hip to correct a femur problem in 2012. Some time later, during the 2018 World Cup fixture draw, O’Rei raised concern after appearing at the gala in Wheelchair because he had “the hip operated”. By then, it had been reported that during that first intervention in 2012 he had been the victim of a “medical error” that complicated his recovery.


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