Condoleezza Rice warned that Russia is on its way to being a “greater North Korea”

Condoleezza Rice (REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo) (BRIAN SNYDER/)

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice He warned this Friday, one year after the war in Ukraine, that if he could send a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it would be that if he continues on the same path, Russia will end up becoming “a great North Korea”.

“The message I would give him is: this is not going to end well, because your country is going to become a great North Korea, Is that the legacy you want to leave?” Rice, who was Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration between 2005 and 2009 and his National Security adviser for the previous four years, said at a panel discussion organized by the Brookings Institution in Washington.

He gave several pieces of information about the clear decline that Russia has been experiencing since it decided to invade Ukraine, beginning with the effects on its economy, or the fact that 800,000 Russiansamong whom are “the best and the brightest”, have left their country.

He also considered that Putin “depends” on the group of wagner mercenaries to continue this fight, it is putting its entire military capacity at risk and has achieved that its “place” on the international scene is to be “subservient to China”.

According to Rice, Russia has achieved that its
According to Rice, Russia has achieved that its “place” on the international scene is to be “subordinate to China” (Sputnik/Anton Novoderezhkin/Pool via REUTERS) (SPUTNIK/)

For all these reasons, he considered that if he could send a message to Putin it would be that “he has already lost what he hoped to achieve” and that if he continues on this path, his country will be far from being able to defend Russian “pride” on the international scene, and it will be, instead, a “greater North Korea”.

In the same forum also intervened Stephen Hadley, who was National Security Advisor to the George W. Bush government between 2005 and 2009, and who warned that Putin “is not going to give up his dream, that of restoring the Russian empire with the territory of the former Soviet Union. And that starts with Ukraine.”

However, he added that if Putin realizes that he is not achieving his goals, he could take a “pause” that should be used to give Ukraine all the arms, training and intelligence aid it needs to be able to launch a counteroffensive, if possible. sometime this year.

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