Confirmed: Luis Miguel rules out a wedding with Paloma Cuevas and this is the reason

Luis Miguel just announced that in this 2023 we will see it again above the scenes. Without giving many more details the fans went crazy and even a lots complained about the lack of information. Meanwhile “The Sun” enjoy your romance with Paloma Cuevas and even gives himself the pleasure of enjoying of a mini honeymoon jnext to the businesswoman.

The couple was caught touring Bilbao. So much Luis Miguel as Paloma Cuevas they were more than happy. with hands clasped they have not done more what to waste love walking the streets of the place. Without a doubt, this was one of the trips most romantic they have done together.

However, this will be the closest thing to Luis Miguel have a marriage is that with Paloma Cuevas will not be able to get married even if she wants to. It’s been coming for a while spreading the rumor what would be next to take the next step in your relationship and there was even talk that he would have already delivered the engagement ring. But no matter how much you want it, this time you won’t be able to.

Why Luis Miguel will not be able to go through the altar

dove caves was married to Enrique Ponce for 24 years. It was in 2020 when they announced their separation. However, they ended up signing the divorce a little over a year later. Everything happened within the framework of a normal process in which there were practically no disputes.

It is exactly this situation what has caused the reason why Luis Miguel definitely he will not be able to marry Paloma Cuevas. It happens that the businesswoman has already married por the Catholic Church and so far it is unknown who has requested ecclesiastical annulment, something that the Holy See grants in cases very punctual and it would not be your case.