CONQUEROR! These are the controversial women that Christian Estrada has had

Christian Estrada shows off a great body


Christian Estrada, the second eliminated from the reality Hotel VIP, turned on the channel 5 screen after the passionate kisses he had with the Peruvian Tefi Valenzuela, his partner in the program that was recorded in Argentina, leaving open the possibility of a romance between them , although she assures that it is only an impulse.

Tefi rose to fame after denouncing actor Eleazar Gómez for physical violence in November 2020, becoming a controversial figure who dominated the spotlight for a few months, until the waters calmed down. Tefi

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His stay on the reality show fueled rumors of a relationship with the Guerreros 2020 participant, who after that failed attempt ran into the arms of Alice Machadothe former Miss Universe who thundered it a few days ago, making the break public on her social networks.

Alicia has always been one of the famous ones who is always in the spotlight; she has revealed details of her relationship with Luis Miguel and hinting that he has had courtships with other celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias and Ricardo Arjona.

Christian Estrada and his exes

Christian Estrada and his exes


But before Alicia, Christian was living with Ferka Quiroz, the participant of The House of Famous Mexico with whom he had a son and who took him to court for vicarious violence. The actress has not remained silent and she has openly expressed that the model is dependent on her mother and that she does not take care of the minor’s expenses.

Ferka has not been the only one who has “destroyed” him in the media, as Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, also commented that he was “taken advantage of” and that he only had the intention of appearing in the show. In addition, he stated that while he was dating her, he was also with her famous mother, the so-called Queen of hearts.