Console chip shortage will last until 2023, according to AMD

The sale of consoles will have difficulties due to a lack of chips until 2023. (photo: IGN Latin America)

Get one PS5, Nintendo switch or Xbox series x will remain very difficult throughout 2022, as noted Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD, who joined other earlier warnings from Intel or TSMC. In this same context, Papermaster guarantees that chip shortage, and more specifically for chips AMD, will continue until next year.

This shortage will affect the supply and demand for next-generation consoles, but also for their graphics cards. The end of this tragedy in console technology will take place in 2023Specifies this manager, who states that “it is then that a normal balance between supply and demand is expected”.

If AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) does not have chips, the consoles suffer from it

AMD has been another major victim of this chip shortage and the manufacturer cannot keep up with the demand, which is a problem, especially since in addition to offering the latest generation of processors or graphics cards, AMD is responsible for manufacturing the CPUs and GPUs for both the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

Intel had previously warned that they did not expect the shortages to improve until 2023, so TSMC and NVIDIA joined in the prediction that pointed to a difficult 2021 and 2022 when it comes to having products with one of the new chips.

AMD.  (photo: MuyComputer)
AMD. (photo: MuyComputer)

Certainly there are efforts that will try to alleviate the problem, but obviously all these posts seem to suggest that in 2022 we will continue to experience a considerable imbalance between supply and demand which will lead to lags on consoles.

According to Papermaster, “in our market we will see a decrease in supply in the second half of 2022”, and this decrease will last until 2023, when the forecasts finally point to a stabilization of the situation. the problem is not getting worse.

Chips for electronic technology.  (photo: Mobile Technical Services)
Chips for electronic technology. (photo: Mobile Technical Services)

Consoles aside, these tech gifts will be in short supply at Christmas due to the chip crisis

New York Times experts highlight which devices will be difficult to obtain due to the conditions that have hit the world from COVID-19. This year we are experiencing a unique situation, as we live in a time imparted by the global shortage of chips, rampant unemployment and the impact of blockades imposed by governments to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

This has affected global supply chains, complicated production, and prevented items from being shipped to all corners of the world. Thus, it’s affecting the kinds of tech products we can buy for our loved ones this Christmas.

– Inexpensive laptops

Retailers typically offer a wide variety of inexpensive laptops on Black Friday for under $ 400, including Chromebooks and other laptops from manufacturers like Acer, Dell and HP.

Chromebook.  (photo: Google)
Chromebook. (photo: Google)

These deals will be rare during the holiday season. Computer manufacturers face a shortage of USB drivers, the chip that allows a computer to communicate with the USB port. Therefore, manufacturers prioritize these parts to produce more expensive laptops that generate higher profit margins.

The good news is that you can expect deals on high-end laptops, such as MacBooks,but less discounts on the cheapest ones.

MacBook Pro MX1.  (photo: Applesfera)
MacBook Pro MX1. (photo: Applesfera) (Applesfera /)

– Audio accessories

The chip shortage has affected analog chips, the circuits that devices depend on to manage electricity. The technological products most affected by this situation are audio accessories, such as speakers and headphones, which are based on analog chips to reduce electricity consumption and connect wirelessly to laptops and smartphones.

However, the shortage will not affect all audio accessories. Sony and Manzana They are developing their own chips for audio devices, so people will have no trouble buying fancy headphones from the big tech companies this season.

AirPods Max.  (photo:
AirPods Max. (photo:


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