Controversy in France over the arrest of the brother of a young man who died in police custody in 2016

A man was arrested in Paris during a rally in memory of his brother, a young black man killed in police custody seven years ago, was discharged this Sunday after his violent arrestamid calls for more protests.

The calls came at a time when France remains on edge after the death of a teenager at the hands of police near Paris, which sparked the country’s worst riots since 2005.

Youssouf Traore29 years old, was detained by police on Saturday amid nationwide protests commemorating the death of his brother Adama Traore in 2016, many of them defying police bans on gatherings.

According to a police source, Youssouf Traore was injured in the eye during his arrest at the Paris protestwhich was attended by some 2,000 people, and was taken to hospital after feeling unwell at the police station.

Youssouf Traore arrives at the police station to collect his belongings after being discharged this Sunday (AFP) (BERTRAND GUAY /)

According to the Twitter account “Truth for Adama”, he suffered fractured nose, head injury with black eye, and contusions to the thorax, abdomen, and lower back.

Those responsible for the account stated that a complaint will be filed “to denounce this serious violence”.

Youssouf Traore was arrested for violence against a public official, accused of beating a police officer at the beginning of the demonstration in the Place de la République, according to a source close to the case.

The Paris prosecutor’s office reported that the charges had been dropped due to his hospitalization, but could be brought up again at a later date.

Youssouf Traoré arrested
Youssouf Traoré arrested

repressed frustrations

The forceful arrest, filmed by several witnesses, showed how he resisted and was tackled and held face down by several police officers, which led to the condemnation of several left-wing politicians on social networks.

A joint declaration of associations, unions and left-wing political parties had called for a rally on Sunday afternoon in front of a central Paris police station to demand his release and that of another person detained with him.

At least 20 people, including two legislators, were seen by AFP journalists outside the police station, protected by eight agents, around 2:00 p.m. (12:00 GMT).

Saturday march in Paris in memory of Adama Traore (Reuters)
March on Saturday in Paris in memory of Adama Traore (Reuters) (GONZALO FUENTES /)

France is in suspense since Nahel M was shot dead by a police officer on June 27., a 17-year-old boy of Algerian origin, during a traffic control in a suburb of Paris.

The shooting reignited long-suppressed frustrations and accusations of systemic racism among French security forces and sparked nights of rioting, the worst urban riots in the country since 2005.

More than 3,700 people have been detained by police in connection with the protests since Nahel’s death, including at least 1,160 minors, according to official figures.

(With information from AFP)

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