Controversy in Morelia: homophobic screaming and violence in the tribune disturbed Liga de Expansión

Despite the campaigns and reiteration by eliminate any type of violence in football stadiums, the behaviors are still present. In the match corresponding to the quarterfinals in the Expansion League, between Morelia and Tampico Madero, the central judge had to suspend the match due to unsportsmanlike conduct in the stands. However, the decision provoked the anger of a sector in the rostrum, who they rioted and invaded the field of play.

The 95th minute of the match was passing when the central referee approached to speak with his assistants and the commissioner sent by the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) to evaluate the possibility of continuing with the meeting. And it is that in previous moments, as indicated by the protocol, the authorities had carried out each of the three steps in the presence of the discriminatory cry on the field of the Morelos Stadium.

After a few seconds, some elements of the police went to the head where the Atlético Morelia’s official animation group, as some fans dissatisfied with the scoreboard, the referee’s performance and the partial suspension of the match, began to invade the field. Upon noticing it, the judge Louis Adrian VIelmas Valdez chose to decree the end of the match and the players of the Crab Brava they sealed their place in the semifinal of the tournament with an aggregate score of 4-2.

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