Controversy in Spain over the contract that a Twitter judge wants to make his 12-year-old daughter sign for the use of a cell phone

A boy with a cell phone in his hands (reference photo) (Emanuel M. Schwermer;

“Judge the Zipper” -This is how this alleged judge who has more than 83,000 followers calls himself on the social network- wrote: “In anticipation that my 12-year-old daughter achieves her purpose (having a telephone; it remains to be seen), and given her adherence to the rules (good for her), my wife and I are preparing this adhesion contract, totally leonine . Let’s see what you think and if you think we are forgetting something”.

The message published on May 8, showing the “contract” in question, had a wide impact in the country: the more than 3,600 retweets, the 3,800 quoted tweets and the 23,000 likes are proof of this.

This Malaga judge is a regular user of Twitter, where his identity is not revealed and Under his alias “Judge The Zipper” (a name that lends itself to multiple interpretations in translation), he shares legal advice for his followers. The strategy has been used by other magistrates in the country (@LadyCrocs, @Angryjuez and @Seren_juez are other examples). This is the tweet that caused a stir:



The phone is not yoursit belongs to dad and mom, who are the ones who buy it and pay for it online.

– Therefore, at any time we can ask you for the phone and see what is in any application. And we have to know the passwords.

– The installation of social network applications can only be done prior authorization from us and, where appropriate, with the conditions that we set, among which may be the shared use of the account.

Its use will be limited to the agreed hours.

– You cannot forward to other friends messages that reach you and that are offensive to other children, or in bad taste or that you see people being hurt. Always and in any case, if you receive some of these messages, you have to tell us.

The phone is not taken to school.

– The phone not used on the table while having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The phone is left outside the room at night. To wake up, an alarm clock.

– These rules apply to other devices.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the temporary loss of the phone. Repeated non-compliance will result in the definitive loss of the phone..


The full contract

The publication had different reactions in Spain and the world. Some support the contract and consider it fair; while others think the opposite: that it violates individual freedom.

The tenured professor of Civil Law at the University of Almería Ramon Herrera He quoted the tweet and said: “It seems great to me, although the first three clauses can be applied by any parent up to the age of 14 without the need for a contract”.

Others, on the other hand, questioned it: “But how cool is that to you?”, said one user.

For its part, the profile called “Anyone” stated: “I agree with everything, except for the second point, which is not clear to me, according to what this tweet objects to.”. This item is the one referring to knowledge of passwords by the parents.

Never, but never, would I make my children sign a contract like this. From ‘the phone belongs to mom and dad who pay for it’ and down, everything is worse. Abuse of power, violation of privacy. Lack of trust. Do not sign anything without calling a lawyer, gurises, “wrote the journalist Juan Miguel Carzolio; to which the psychologist Alexander de Barbieri replied: “In my TL (timeline), nice contributions were made. There are explicit and implicit contracts. It is a draft to talk with the family and educate”.

The case ignited the debate on the use of cell phones in minors and, as noted, it is a subject on which there are different positions.


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