Could ‘Teresa’ have a second season? Ana Brenda Contreras excites fans

Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Aarón Díaz star in “Teresa”, a captivating story.


It will be 13 years since the premiere of “Teresa”, a soap opera that soon managed to position itself among the preferences of viewers thanks to the unforgettable performances of Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Aarón Díaz. Today, heThe telenovela is broadcast with great success from fans who can’t get this addictive story out of their heads.

Recently, Las Estrellas returned to broadcast this irresistible history at your noon time, rekindling the desire for a second season… Even several actors have already given their opinion on this possibility!

“Teresa” had the antagonistic performances of Margarita Magaña, Manuel Landeta, Felicia Mercado and the first actress Raquel Olmedo, in addition to Cynthia Klitbo and Ana Brenda Contreras. It is precisely the latter who revived the hopes of the fans with some statements that ignited the flame of illusion.


Do you remember “Aurora”, the faithful friend of “Teresa” in this production? The character was played by actress Ana Brenda Contreras, who was once asked on her YouTube channel if she would be willing to act in a second season of “Teresa”. Her response caused great emotion.

“Imagine that ‘Mariano’ and ‘Aurora’ are still married and then they meet up again with ‘Teresa’ and ‘Arturo’…”

Yeah! Ana Brenda would not only be ready to act again in the telenovela, but has already worked with some good ideas on how “Teresa” could continue.

“It would be great. In other words, imagine that ‘Mariano’ and ‘Aurora’ are still married and then they meet again with ‘Teresa’ and ‘Arturo’ … ”, the actress said excitedly during the unfiltered question session with her fans.

The video dates from 2020 and so far a continuation for “Teresa” has not been confirmed; However, hope dies last, and as far as the cast is concerned, there seems to be a lot of support for making the second season a reality.