Couple got engaged in Formula 1 and users attacked them with classist comments

(Photos: Twitter @davidpuertasV)

The marriage proposals They are usually characterized by being one of the most special moments in the lives of some of the people, which is why tradition indicates that the famous “question” is made at some time or place extremely significant for couples.

It was in this sense that a young fan of the Formula 1 did not hesitate to take advantage of his attendance at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome during the Mexican GP to take the next step in his life and commit to his girlfriend.

The moment was broadcast on Twitter where several of the witnesses shared the romantic moment where the young man knelt before his girlfriend, who said yes very excited.

In one of the videos circulating on social networks, it can be seen that after being committed, the attendees who were in the stands began to applaud and cheer very excited, however, the reaction on social networks was divided, as a few Internet users began to criticize them with class comments.

pinch*s nacos, others more”. “No ma*n.” “Ridiculous.” “It will not occur to them in Qatar.” “Nacos as f * ck”, can be read in Twitter.

However, other users of this platform were not intimidated by the bad remarks and sent their good wishes to the couple.

“That happens when two souls come together for the same feeling, @redbullracing.” “Pretty”. “The real who to”. “The best marriage proposal doesn’t exist… ah.” “It really is my dream.” “LOVE IN TIME OF FP1 #MexicoGP @mexicogp Congratulations to the future spouses!”, Internet users posted.

(Photo: Instagram/nikita_mazepin)
(Photo: Instagram/nikita_mazepin)

Another emotional moment at the Mexican GP

It should be remembered that the fever for the arrival of the 2022 season of the Formula 1 to Mexico City has flooded the surroundings of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome and this has not been the only emotional moment that has been sealed on social networks.

And it is that, recently, a girl managed to enter the pit area and spend a moment with the Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez.

Through social networks, the video of the meeting between Checo Pérez and his follower. The girl, approximately nine years old, wore a shirt and cap alluding to the Red Bull Racing team, as well as a Mexican flag in her hands. Although at first the infant asked him to take a photograph, the pilot and his team they gave him a cap with the new design Inspired by the Mexican Grand Prix.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

“(Czech) is going to sign the cap of a girl who brought the flag and our friends from Red Bull have already passed it (…) This girl was there in the pit box and here the Red Bull people already allowed her access because she was the one who shouted the most and I was going crazy stuck there with Czech. She is already well lined with her caps (caps), helmets (helmets), flags (flags), whatever (whatever) ”, pronounced the person who documented the video with her cell phone.

The Red Bull driver stamped his signature on each of the caps that the girl wore, although he also did so in the green color of the flag.

“Thank you very much. God bless you”enunciated the girl before leaving the place.


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