Crazy life! The hot video of Ricky Martin without clothes that drove his Instagram followers crazy

Ricky Martin had no qualms about presenting himself as he came into the world.


At 51 years old, Ricky Martin continues to make people sigh, and this daring video he uploaded to his Instagram is the proof we needed… Prepare your best compliments!

Ricky Martinwho recently announced that she was separating from Jwan Yosef, her now ex-husband, is one of the figures of the show that She receives more compliments for her beautiful face and well-groomed figure.. Now that he is single, the singer has dedicated himself to his family, his career… and of course, to Post content on your Instagram that is not suitable for the faint of heart.

The Puerto Rican is currently in Cancun, where he has several concerts scheduled that, of course, have registered a resounding sold out. But it’s not just work that interests you. Ricky Martin, who apparently took the opportunity to tan, and boy does he like to look even! Well, he shared a revealing video that made his fans explode. followers.


That’s how it is! Ricky Martin decided to share with his 18.4 million followers a revealing video where she shows that she loves to tan naturally, without anything on. The images, which leave nothing to the imagination, soon went viral.

The short video could not be more revealing, as you can see Ricky Martin’s naked torso, as well as one of his legs strategically raised to cover his private parts; Several fans even confessed that they watched the video with zoom to discover “something more”… but don’t worry, the results were negative.

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The comments with all kinds of compliments did not waitand Ricky’s followers brought out the best of their repertoire:

“Who was Sol to warm that body. The chicken coop is on fire”, “Do you want to generate a massive heart attack?”, “A work of natural art. It couldn’t be more beautiful”, “Oh, so we are going to the symphony”, “Oh blessed!”, “ I would like to be able to work, but we can’t like this,” are some of the comments in the publication, which already has more than 620 thousand “likes”.