Creepy crash of an NFL player with a teammate: he went straight to the hospital by ambulance

Moments of pure tension were experienced in the Highmark Stadium during the victory of buffalo bills by 41-7 Over the Tennessee Titans on the NFL. The victory that allowed the local team to maintain its undefeated start to the season was overshadowed by the concern generated by the gruesome injury in the first half of dane jacksonof 25 yearswho was removed from the field by ambulance and taken directly to the hospital.

The stadium tempers died down shortly before halftime after jackson was involved in a dangerous accidental collision with his teammate Tremaine Edmunds. His head snapped back violently as he collided with her. edmundswho had launched to shoot down Treylon Burks from Tennessee.

The match was immediately stopped. There was less than a minute left to play before halftime and the Bills were temporarily upstairs 17-7. An ambulance entered the field of play while the fans present kept an awkward silence. Tremaine Edmunds He looked very worried next to his teammate.

The ambulance quickly entered to remove Dane Jackson from the field of play (Photo: AP) (Jeffrey T. Barnes /)

The Bills later they revealed through social networks that dane jackson was being evaluated at the ECMC Hospital in buffalo and reported that he had “full movement in limbs”. Hours later, the journalist Alaina Getzenberg of the chain ESPN confirmed that He underwent an X-ray study and a computed tomography scan that showed encouraging signs considering the nature of the injury.

“Definitely a tough play. It was a situation that I obviously didn’t want to intentionally create. I would never try to do something like that to my teammate, but the receiver was still up, I was just trying to take him down and unfortunately I ended up hitting Dane (Jackson). Just seeing him raise his thumb when leaving reassured us a lot, “he lamented. Tremaine Edmunds.

The game was delayed by almost 10 minutes while the doctors of the buffalo bills attended a jackson very sore but moving his legs. They then put him on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance that left the stadium to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

All the members of the Buffalo Bills surrounded Dane Jackson while he was treated by doctors and put in the ambulance (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)
All the members of the Buffalo Bills surrounded Dane Jackson while he was treated by doctors and put in the ambulance (Photo: USA TODAY Sports) (Mark Konezny/)

dane jackson was having filming instead of the star Tre’Davious White, who is currently inactive due to a knee problem. After his injury, the rookies Christian Benford Y Kaiir Elam – who had been rotating before Jackson earlier in the season – took their place on the field. The neck injury of one of their players was one of the few negative aspects in what was an extremely fruitful Monday night in which the Bills were imposed on the titans in the monday night football of the NFL.


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