Cristian Castro and Roberto Palazuelos shared the same woman!

Cristian Castro and Roberto Palazuelos


During his visit to the reality Hotel VIP, Cristian Castro spoke openly about some love experiences and revealed that his first kiss was given to him by Alejandra Guzmán when he was barely a teenager.

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Before this confession, Roberto Palazueloshost of the program, said that the singer taught them both to kiss, because he also had to learn with the daughter of Silvia Pinal.

“I was also Alejandra’s boyfriend”Palazuelos exclaimed, arousing the astonishment of the program participants who were sharing the same table. The popular “Black Diamond” pointed out that, like Cristian, he learned to kiss passionately with the rocker.

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The artists showed off their self-confidence in the broadcast that is broadcast on channel 5 and that was recorded a few months ago in Argentina with the intervention of renowned figures such as Gomita, Colate, Burro Van Rankin, Natalia Subtil and Vielka Valenzuela.

Cristian, Verónica Castro’s eldest son, has already commented that he had a passionate affair with Alejandra Guzmán and that it was with her that he lost his virginity. In Hotel VIP he tried to conquer Subtil, but Sergio Mayer Mori’s ex did not give up.