Cristian Castro revealed that Verónica Castro and her mother are fighting for a shocking reason

Verónica Castro and her sister, Socorro, have been estranged for several years.

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Verónica Castro’s family still has problems related to the death and will of Socorro, the actress’s mother, and even the actress and her sister are estranged over this detail.

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It was Cristian Castro who told this shocking revelation in an interview for the program In the afternoonwhere in addition to express concern for Luis Miguel’s healththe singer told some intimate details about his family, which is not going through a good time.

According to the “Happy Gallito”, his mother and his aunt Beatriz they find each other distanced because Verónica did not agree with the way her mother distributed the assets in her will: These were the strong statements of the Azul interpreter.


During the talk, Cristian Castro revealed that Veronica was quite upset. after he found out that Her mother left almost all her assets to Beatriz.since the actress and host always invested large amounts of money so that Doña Socorro had a better quality of life.

“When my grandmother dies, she leaves her properties to the most unprotected daughter, which is Beatriz.”

There is some tension, yes, because when my grandmother dies she leaves her properties to the most unprotected daughter, which is Beatriz. So, well, suddenly I don’t know if my mother perhaps said: ‘Well, what’s my turn?’ ”, declared the famous.

The matter is quite difficult for Verónica to assume, since It was she who bought most of her mother’s properties and in the end the one who kept almost everything was her sisterrevealed Cristian, who justified his grandmother’s decision because his aunt Beatriz has gone through very complicated health problems.

He had cancer and really had tremendous vision she wanted Beatriz to be protected in some way,” the interpreterwho expressed hope that one day the sisters will be able to resolve this conflict.


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