Cristian Zuárez is involved in Laura Bozzo’s bioseries and will tell EVERYTHING

After the arrest warrant was suspended against Laura bozzo about his problems with the SAT, we talked with his ex, Cristian Zuarez, who confesses to us that the relationship between them is better than ever, and even reveals to us exclusively that he will be the producer of Laura’s bioseries, in which they will tell about all the good and the bad.

In addition, he tells us that he regrets having declared to the journalist Teresa Andelo that Laura Bozzo consumed base paste (crack), and warns that he did not consent to this statement being broadcast, so he considers whether he will file a lawsuit against the television station that spread it.

Have you spoken with Laura after the arrest warrant against her was suspended? We maintain the dialogue, we talk, what worries her very much is returning to television with Laura in America, which is what gave her international recognition, and we hope that this can be achieved.

He also announced that he will have his bioseries, will you allow me to talk about you? Not only will I allow it, I am the architect of proposing Laura’s bioseries, I am behind it and it would all be coordinated, both with the investor; We will tell the real story, my part, Laura’s part, all the things we have lived through.

Will you be the producer? She has her agent, who is Alejandra Palomera, but of all the proposals that there are, we are studying them, and it will surely give a lot to talk about.

What are we going to see in the series? They are going to find out absolutely everything; Not everything was rosy, but regardless of what she says or what I say, it is what really happened. Everything that was not known will be known, and logically that we both agree with that so that everything is known.

Is Laura going to act in the bioseries? I think there will be a mix of acting with original images; I can’t give you actors right now, because that would be the surprise at the time.

On the other hand, when you still hadn’t reconciled with Laura, you declared that she uses crack … That was a moment of fury, and the host, who was a dirty trick, because it was a program that was only going to come out one day, showed me programs where Laura said that I am homosexual and told me that something was needed that I don’t know. I knew, and with a scrambled liver I said that; There are exaggerated truths about that, and in the series everything that really happened will be known.

Did Laura have a drug problem? No, the problem was had by a close friend of ours who was the one who brought that garbage, and in a moment of it, where he was having a bad time, it simply occurred to him to try that. You even said that celebrities like Maribel Guardia had witnessed Laura’s addiction problems… Yes, but that was also known on Laura’s program when Maribel told her: “How did you throw the ring on her?”. Pepillo Origel also saw it, we already knew what Laura was like, you have to see the series when it comes out so that you know what happened.

So you deny that Laura has drug addiction problems? Absolutely, I discard it because it is the truth, I would be lying to you if I said otherwise; what happened was that in four minutes of the interview there was no time to explain why. Logically there was a sequence, she is not an addict, if I wanted to sue Mega TV and the host, I could do it because of the way they are doing it.

Are you planning to take legal action against them? Don’t wake up the sleeping lion, because if nobody messes with me, I won’t mess with anyone; If two people are already on good terms, what does the past matter? If they are going to take care of wanting to make me dirty, they are going to see them with me, because I did not sign any permission for them, they do not have the rights to my image to be broadcasting it, and I can safely take legal action against Mega TV and against the host , because I have all the messages of how things were.


Despite the fact that Cristian Zuárez and Laura Bozzo have smoothed out rough edges, the lawsuit that the Argentine filed against the Peruvian for attempted murder continues, but assures that the litigation that began in Mexico will not proceed since he did not provide any evidence that harms Laura, and that it will simply expire.