Cristiano Ronaldo to Atlético de Madrid?: the pros and cons of what would be the most surprising contract on the market

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo remains unknown (Reuters) (JAVIER BARBANCHO /)

“I can’t wait to see if Cristiano Ronaldo comes,” the new Manchester United manager recently acknowledged. Erik Ten Hagwho is in the middle of the pre-season tour with the English team while the Portuguese continues to show his training in a personal way through their social networks.

The present of the Portuguese is unknown and his future even more so. More than 20 days have passed since the coach began working with the squad and there are still no traces of the scorer, who is speculated to leave the entity during this transfer market.

The truth is that hethe options run out. According to the European press, CR7 he wants to continue his career in a team that fights to win everything, but above all that competes in the Champions League next season.

That is why from Spain evaluated what would be the most surprising signing of this marketin the event that Ronaldo ended up arriving in Madrid, not to wear white again but to wear under the orders of Diego Simeone.

Simeone would welcome his signing (Reuters)
Simeone would welcome his signing (Reuters) (VINCENT WEST /)

There are several reasons why the Portuguese could play his next season at the Wanda Metropolitano and one of them, according to Brand, is that you run out of options. clubs like the Chelseathe Bayern Munich or the PSGI already they closed their doors and there are only a few left who can fulfill their claims of fighting for everything ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Among those few is Atletico Madrid, who initially was not even on the list of the teams desired by the Portuguese to continue his career but, given the refusal of the main entities to take over his services, began to gain strength: “Mendes offered the option of signing the rojiblancos”detailed the newspaper in question.

However, when considering his arrival, the picture mattress I should put focus on some details such as the economic issue. With a contract year still at United, the Aleti you are not in a position to pay for your departureand in the event that it comes out by mutual agreement between the player and the English institution, we should focus on the other point: his salary.

In that item, from Spain they assured that the problem would not lie since “It would be paid only for the commercial impact and selling t-shirts from a star like CR7″. At the same time, the Portuguese would be willing to take a pay cutall for playing in the Champions League again.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to arrive in optimal conditions at the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Reuters)
Cristiano Ronaldo wants to arrive in optimal conditions at the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Reuters) (IAN WALTON/)

The biggest problem, meanwhile, centers on his past as a legend Meringue since, in the case of signing with Atlético, he would lose his status as an idol (he won four Champions Leagues and is the top scorer in its history). At the same time, the hobby mattress was divided before the rumors to have been the number one enemy in the derbies between both clubs.

Finally, in sports, Simeone “would be in favor of his signing”considered the Madrid newspaper when understanding that his 30 goals per season would be a sufficient endorsement “for the Argentine to welcome his arrival.”

For that, however, the box red and white will have to face some exits to make a hole in the squad. Among the candidates to leave the entity would be Alvaro Morataand even midfielders like Saul either Lemar (players with high salaries).

There is little more than a month left for the transfer book to close and Cristiano Ronaldo’s future remains up in the air. The truth is the footballer wants to compete at the highest level to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup in optimal conditions and not playing the Champions League with United (the most important competition at club level in Europe) conditions him to continue wearing the colors of the Red Devil.


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