Crocodile quietly walks the streets of Tampico and ‘michi’ chases him

A user captured on video a crocodile that was walking in the streets of Tampico, while it was calmly going along a sidewalk near the Carpintero lagoon

Although it seems amazing and incredible to see ‘Juancho’ outside its natural habitat, for the people of Tampico it is something normal, because they even say that they are like dogs, that you find them everywhere in Tampico.

The video titled “And how are the dogs of Tampico?” It has gone viral due to the curiosity to know what the great ‘Juancho’ was doing or where he was going, since he walks calmly in direction.

Although the crocodile is only walking around the place, they managed to capture it on video, while the crocodile is being observed, a cat chases it, later the person who is recording speaks to it saying “Hey michi, come here, cat, they are going to eat, hey.”

Among the comments on the video shared on TikTok by the user @Payasocharlyboyoficial there are some who say “What a scary and brave cat”, also that “The ‘michi’ said… what a lizard, where will I take the first bite?”

In addition to the fact that some people who reside in Tampico told their anecdotes because they affirm that “When it rains and the lagoons overflow there they walk as if nothing had happened.”