Crystal talks about alleged bullying by Lucero

Singer-songwriter Crystal broke her silence about rumors that she was being bullied by Lucero

The singer and songwriter Crystal broke the silence about the rumors that she suffered bullying from Lucero when they worked together on the recording of the telenovela ‘Lazos de Amor’ in 1995 and that Lucero starred.

The famous spoke in an interview with De Primera Mano about the rumors that she suffered abuse from Lucero, because they recorded a melodrama together, however, at first the artist did not want to talk about it.

“I’m not going to talk to you about that topic, I prefer to keep it to myself, that was another matter and it was not recorded, it was a meeting we had on our birthday, but that was another matter that I would not like to touch on.”

Although he finally pointed out that he discards people who do not leave anything nice in his life and prefers not to see them again, because he is very spiteful, but he does not specify the name of Lucero; she only she limited herself to saying general comments.

«I think that from Lucero and all the people -when you can- stay with something nice, because there are people who do not give you anything nice, so those people, well, I discard them from my life and I will never speak to them again in my life just because I am very spiteful but there are people of whom I can tell you that I keep beautiful things.